Inscripción Detallada - API Set-Up (In English)

To register a new user with SSO, we recommend you follow the detailed setup flow:
Check if user is already registered in Voxy or the account is expired (GET /partners/users/${external_id}/auth_token)
If the user has not been registered:
HTTP_STATUS = 403 {"error_message": "user does not exist"}
  1. Create the user in Voxy (POST /partners/users/${external_id})
  2. Setting the account expiration date is optional using the expiration_date parameter
  3. The expiration date of the account can be set or changed (PUT /partners/users/${external_id})
  4. Retrieve the authentication token (SSO) (GET /partners/users/${external_id}/auth_token)
  5. Redirect user to response → ['actions'] ['start']
If user is registered and not expired (date of account expiration > today):
  1. Rertieve the authentication token (SSO) (GET /partners/users/${external_id}/auth_token)
  2. Redirect user to ['actions'] ['start']
If user is registered, but expired (account expiration date <today's date):
HTTP_STATUS = 403 {"error_message": "Access for the user with the id = '{id}' expired on expired_date {}"}
  1. Display a message informing the user that the account has expired
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