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How to book your private class on mobile


Private classes are also available on mobile apps! To book a private class, go to the app, click on the menu > 'Private Classes' and then on 'New Session'. Select the session length, date and time range of your preference and then click in 'See Teachers'. You will see all teachers that are available and their respective specialities. If you want to see more details about the teacher, click on the teacher profile. Once you have chosen the teacher, click on the profile and then on 'Schedule Session'. You will be able to confirm the exact length, date and time for your session. Also, you can choose your session focus area, such as grammar, conversation, writing among others. Optionally, you can add any specific topics you want to review with the teacher. All of this set, you have to accept the 'changes and cancellation policy' and click on 'Book session'. You will then see your class has been confirmed.

Check out your scheduled classes under the section 'My schedule'.

Remember that if you can not attend class, click on the session and then on 'cancel session'.

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