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What are Voxy's system requirements?


The specific system requirements for running Voxy on your computer or phone are described below. 

Operating Systems
Windows 7+
Linux x86_64
Mac Intel 10.10+

Chrome 66.0.3359.139 and up
Safari 10.0, 11.0+ and 534.34
Firefox 59.0 and up

Mobile Devices
Android 6.0+
iOS 10.0+

The Voxy mobile application technically works on the iPad, but it is not optimized for the iPad, meaning that some screens and views will not be displayed as expected.

Minimum requirements
-- Download: 512 kbps
-- Upload: 100 kbps

Recommended (required if live instruction is included)
-- Download: 1024kbs
-- Upload: 100 kbps

Tutoring classes are offered via Bluejeans, a video-chat platform that requires a plugin that can be downloaded for free here. Its system requirements can be found here. Tutoring classes can be delivered with speeds as slow as 1 Mbps. In order to use the tutoring classes, you will need headphones or speakers, a microphone, and a webcam (optional).

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