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My microphone (and camera) is not working

If you had trouble with your audio or video during a group or private session, please follow the instructions below:
Make sure that your Camera and Microphone are not muted. If the camera and microphone icons are red, this means they are muted, so you need to enable it to access your microphone and/or camera.


If your microphone is not muted, but you are still having issues, click on the "Settings" on the upper right corner of the page. Make sure that your camera, microphone and speaker devices have been selected for your system. 

Press the "Test" button to confirm your speakers are working correctly. You can talk into your mic and you should see an orange "volume bar" under the microphone box.




 If you are connecting through a web browser, you need to allow your browser to use your camera and/or microphone. Click "Allow" if your camera or microphone is not working.




If you are still having trouble with your video or camera, please write to support@voxy.com for more assistance.

In the meantime, check out this video tutorial about how to join your class on the web.

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