How to edit multiple learners

It is possible to edit multiple learners information on Voxy Command Center. 

First of all, go the Manage Learners page, where you can click on the icon mceclip0.png:


This will open a new window, where there is a hyperlink, in which you can download a template sheet where you put the info you want to edit. We recommend that you download the template and keep it so you can use it every time you want to perform such edits, because it is formatted in the right way and also in CSV format:


When you download the template, it looks like this picture below. You will notice that only one column is required for the edit, which is email address, so learners to be edited can identified. The other editable pieces of information are the actual editable fields, which are: First Name, Last Name, Feature Group, Level Number, Next VPA Date and Expiration Date.

NOTE: the Feature Group field is case-sentitive, so the information typed in must be exactly the same as the group names.

Also important is the date format used in VPA and Expiration Dates being it always YYYY-MM-DD, as shown in the sheet.

Only fields filled in will count as edits.

After filling the sheet, save it and come back to that same window on the "Manage Learners" page of the Voxy Command Center, click on "Choose File" and choose your sheet amid the files on your computer. And then, to confirm the editing, click on "Submit" and then on "OK", on the warning window. When the sheet upload is successful, you will see the "Update Processing" message:


However, it is possible for an error message to be shown. Normally errors are caused by misformatting of the file. If you see such an error, don't worry, just reformat the file and try again. Note that upon upload, the edit will be applied immediately to the accounts.


Note: MS Excel is commonly used to view CSV files, but it often imposes formatting that skews data and results in Voxy Command Center uploads. For error-free viewing and saving of CSV files, we recommend using an application built for CSV compatibility, such as CSVEdit, Sublime Text, Apache OpenOffice, TextEdit or Google Sheets.

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