What is the Voxy Command Center?

The Voxy Command Center is Voxy's all-in-one dashboard for language program admins to have access to information on learners' account details, platform usage and overall performance in the program. You need to have permission to access it and you can do so with the very same login credentials as the Voxy learning platform itself.

The Voxy Command Center is comprised mainly of three sections with many tools to help you to manage your program. All in all they are:


Manage Learners



In this section, you can perform a series of more specific actions about the learners within your English program. Here you can:


Reports - Overview


Here you can check the information about how your Voxy English Program has been going in a straightforward way. The sets of information displayed are as follows:

  • Summary: On this section, you can find a summary of your English program performance, in terms of activated learners (learners that have done something in the platform), the percentage of learners that took the first VPA® and percentage of learners who took more than one VPA® and improved or maintained proficiency.
  • Engagement: This is an important indicator of your learners success. We define engagement as: High Engaged = 66+ minutes / week (eg. avg. of 9.43 minutes per day); Medium Engaged = 33-66 minutes / week; Low Engaged = 1 second-33 minutes / week. This data shows engaged learners month over month.
  • Study TimeStudy time data shows how many hours your learners have spent studying in the last 30 days and which platforms they are accessing Voxy from.
  • ProficiencyOur proficiency data shows the total number of learners who have taken the VPA®, as well as a breakdown of the current proficiency levels for your learners.



Here you can either log out of your Command Center access or download reports that had been requested before through the Manage Learners section.


Make sure to look through all of our articles about the Voxy Command Center here in the Help Center and don't hesitate to contact us at partner.support@voxy.com should any doubts arise.




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