Configurations available

Voxy has a wide range of content available to learners. We offer clients the following configuration options that allow for a more targeted learner experience.

The configuration options are listed below:

  • Auto-assign a course to learners. It is possible to configure up to 3 courses that will be automatically assigned to all learners in an organization when they start their course at Voxy. Voxy recommends that at least 1 of the 3 possible courses be the Voxy General English Course at the the learner's level. For example, Beginner learners will be automatically assigned the Beginner course, which develops necessary skills for that level according to global standards. Learners will always have the flexibility to work with any and all of the public content available in the platform, however automatically assigning a course to a group of learners will drive engagement with that particular content.


  • Make premium courses visible to groups of learners. Customers grant access to certain premium courses that can be made visible to a subset of learners only.


  • Content filters. Voxy is mindful of the fact that some content may not be appropriate for certain profiles of learners. Voxy offers content filters as follows:
    1. Safe/appropriate for teens
    2. Safe/appropriate for the Middle East
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