Set Up CNAME Records

Estimated time required: 1 hour

Owner: Customer

The steps below must be completed before any further white label configuration takes place.

There are two CNAME records that must be set up by the Customer.  

The first CNAME record is set up using the Customer’s domain information. Once the Customer has determined the customer-owned URL which Voxy will be hosted under, a CNAME record is configured by doing the following:

  • Go to your DNS (Domain Name System) settings, which is associated with where you purchased the URL (i.e.,
  • Set the ‘host’ value as the subdomain where you would like to host the product (subdomain = the 'learnerapp' part of
  • Set the ‘points to’ value as (Voxy will provide the exact URL to point to)
  • To check if this is working properly, search for the domain in this link.

Once this first CNAME record has been set up, Voxy will create an SSL/TLS certificate via AWS Certificate Manager. This security certificate is required to provide encryption. Once Voxy has created this certificate for the Customer, all necessary information will be given to the Customer so that the second CNAME record can be set up. The steps outlined above should be repeated when setting up the second CNAME record.

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