White Label description

Voxy’s white label offering allows customers to integrate Voxy technology with their brand by adding their logo, brand colors, URL, and even the level names learners are exposed to in the offline experience, into the platform.

Note that there are Voxy features that are not white labeled:

  • Learner support: the white label customer is responsible for all learner support needs. Voxy will provide a training to the customer's support team and will provide escalation processes for technical problems.
  • Voxy group sessions: Voxy teachers may refer to Voxy or do screen shares that display the Voxy logo. This feature may be disabled in case the customer does not want to include it in the learner experience. If customer decides to keep the feature available for learners, s/he understands that Voxy may be displayed to learners.

Voxy as a content owner: "Voxy, Inc" may appear in the platform as a content source for content that was created by Voxy, in compliance with international copyright laws.

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