Available configurations

The Voxy platform is highly configurable. Customers are able to determine a number of configurations for the Voxy Proficiency Assessment learner experience.

Mandatory VPA

The VPA may be set as mandatory at the very beginning of the learner experience or optional.

If set as mandatory, the learner will be required to complete the test before getting access to the course. If the VPA is not set as mandatory, the learner will be able to select one of the 7 Voxy levels to get started and may have access to the platform with that level. The learner will be able to take the VPA at any time.

Voxy's default behavior is making the VPA mandatory for learners for a few reasons:

  • The learner will be placed in the correct level from the very beginning of their learning experience. This impacts the content that gets recommended to him/her, as well as the group classes that are available.
  • The learner will have a baseline to compare when they take the second VPA

 Interval between VPAs

Voxy allows the flexibility for customers to determine the interval which learners will have between VPAs. Voxy's default behavior is to have 90 days between VPAs, which is, on average, the minimum time necessary for learners to show any noticeable progress.

We understand that our customer's calendars may be different and therefore have the functionality available to make the VPA available at any other interval. For example, your performance reviews may be done every 120 days. The VPA interval may be set to reflect these needs.

Alternatively, it is also possible to set the next VPA to be available for all learners at a given date.

To set a next VPA assessment date or adjust the VPA interval for a group, please contact your CSM.

Stand-alone VPA

The VPA may be used as a stand-alone feature. In this case, learners will only have access to the assessment, and not the rest of the platform. Learners will be able to review their results once the test is completed, as well as to print a certificate directly from the results page.

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