Voxy Public Content

Voxy offers a wide variety of content in its public catalog to meet the needs of every learner.  

Personalized Units

Voxy’s recommendation engine utilizes a constantly growing content library to create Personalized Units that adapt to each individual learners' proficiency level, interests, and skills.  

General English Courses

General English Courses are prepared by the Voxy Content Team to develop the essential skills identified by global standards like the CEFR. They are made available to all learners in the platform. Courses are available only to learners of a minimum proficiency level.

Public Career-Aligned Courses

Voxy offers a set of career-aligned courses across a wide variety of industries, designed to help learners achieve professional success with English. Some of these courses, including a wide range of introductory courses, are offered to all learners as part of the public catalog.

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