Modifying single learner profile information

This short video will help you on how to modify learners' profile information. Also, you can see instructions below:

  • In order to register a new learner, you must have "Admin" permission level. Make sure your permissions are set accordingly. To see the types of permissions available, please visit the Access and Permissions to the Voxy Command Center.
  • Navigate to the "Manage Learner" report and find the learner you need to edit.
  • Click on the learner email to enter the Learner Profile Report.


  • Click on the small pencil icon to open the edit form.
  • Within the edit form, you can edit any and all information including:
    • First Name;
    • Last Name;
    • Email (this will change the email address the user uses to log in and where they receive our communication);
    • External User ID (beware, changing External User ID in API-set organizations may affect the ability for the learner to log in)
    • Expiration Date (changing this can expire, reactivate or extend a learner's license)
    • Native Language
    • Phone Number
    • Country
    • Time Zone
  • Fields with an asterisk are required.
  • Once you have finished, click submit.




Moving a learner from a feature group to another

Also in the learner profile it is possible to move a learner's account to a different feature group. It is important to note that changing learners feature group can change their expiration date and configuration of their course, because the account will start to follow the new feature group setup.

In order to change a learner's feature group:

  • On the right, you can click on a dropdown menu where all of your organization's currently active feature groups will appear:


  • Upon clicking on a different feature group than the account's current one, a warning will appear, showing the configuration changes and asking for confirmation:



This function comes in handy when you need to renew or deactivate some learners, so you can move them to the corresponding feature groups. When moving lots of learners is needed, a bulk learner information edit is more fit.

NOTE: When moving learners from groups, it is important to keep track of your license utilization. Should you have any questions about it, please contact your Customer Success Manager.



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