Modifying learner profile information

This short video will help you on how to modify learners' profile information. Also, you can see instructions below:


  1. Make sure you have the correct permissions. Only "Modify" and "Admins" are able to move learners between feature groups. To see the types of permissions available, please visit the "Permissions" article.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Learner report and find the learner you need to edit.
  3. Click on the learner email to enter the Learner Profile Report.Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_2.23.39_PM.png
  4. Click on the small pencil icon to open the edit form.
  5. Within the edit form, you can edit any and all information including:
  • Name, Email, External User ID, Time Zone etc
  • Once you have finished, click submit.


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