How to create multiple accounts using bulk upload

This short video will help you on how to create a multiple learner accounts using bulk upload. Also, you can see instructions under the video:

  • In order to register a new learner, you must have "Admin" permission level. Make sure your permissions are set accordingly. To see the types of permissions available, please visit the "Access and Permissions to the Voxy Command Center"
  • From the 'Manage Learner' report, click on the mceclip0.png button
  • Select 'Multiple'. 


  • Within the popup, it is recommended you download the template .csv file and use it to upload users, as it is already formatted correctly.
    • NOTE: bulk uploads only work properly with .csv files.


  • Complete all required fields in the .csv file.
    • The fields are case sensitive so the name of the feature group must match exactly what has been configured by your Customer Success Manager. You will be provided with a list of feature groups before bulk uploading learners.
  • Save the file as a .csv.
  • From the popup, select 'choose file' and choose the saved file.
  • Click on "Submit"
    • NOTE: Admins will receive a notification within the Command Center that will detail any failures with the upload. Examples can include:
      • Incorrect formatting of fields
      • Incorrect feature group names
  • If a failure does occur, please edit the .csv file, save it again and re-upload.
  • Upon successful upload, admins will receive a notification that their learners are syncing to the manage learner report. If any learners on the list already exist, you will receive a notification by e-mail.
    • NOTE: It will take about 2 hours for learners to appear in the "Manage Learner" report.

Attention: MS Excel is commonly used to view CSV files, but it often imposes formatting that skews data and results in Voxy Command Center uploads. For error-free viewing and saving of CSV files, we recommend using an application built for CSV compatibility, such as CSVEdit, Sublime Text, Apache OpenOffice, TextEdit or Google Sheets.


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