How to create multiple accounts using bulk upload

This short video will help you on how to create a multiple learner accounts using bulk upload. Also, you can see instructions under the video:


  • Make sure your permissions are set accordingly. In order to enroll a new learner, you must have "Admin" permission level. To see the types of permissions available, please visit the "Permissions" article.
  • From the 'Manage Learner' report, click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-20_at_2.12.05_PM.png
  • Select 'Multiple'. 


  • Within the popup, it is recommended you download the sample csv file and use that file to upload users, as it is already formatted correctly.
    • NOTE: bulk uploads only work properly with .csv files.


  • Complete all required fields in the .csv file.
    • The fields are case sensitive so the name of the feature group must match exactly what has been configured by you Customer Success Manager. You will be provided with a list of feature groups before bulk uploading learners.
  • Save the file as a .csv.
  • From the popup, select 'choose file' and choose the saved file.
  • Click on "Submit"
    • NOTE: Admins will receive a notification within the Command Center that will detail any failures with the upload. Examples can include:
      • Incorrect formatting of fields
      • Learners already exist in another org
      • Incorrect feature group names
  • If a failure does occur, please edit the .csv file, save it again and re-upload.
  • Upon successful upload, admins will receive a notification that their learners are syncing to the manage learner report.
    • NOTE: It will take about 2 hours for learners to appear in the "Manage Learner" report.


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