How to create a single learner account

This short video will help you on how to create a single learner account. Also, you can see instructions below:

  • In order to enroll a new learner, you must have "Admin" permission level. Make sure your permissions are set accordingly. To see the types of permissions available, please visit the "Permissions"
  • From the 'Manage Learner' report, click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-20_at_2.12.05_PM.png and select 'single.'
  • Complete the form.
    1. Note: any fields with an * is a required field. You will not be able to submit the form until these fields are completed.
    2. You will be prompted to select a feature group for the learner. Feature groups can only be created by Voxy Customer Success Managers and must be created before any learner is enrolled.


  • Once all required fields have been entered, click "Submit"
  • You will receive a notification with confirmation. Please note that although the account is created immediately once submitted, it will not be available in the 'Manage Learner' report for at least 2 hours after creation. Newly created learners can be viewed and edited from within the notification. Once the notification is closed, the learner profile will not be able to be accessed until they are in the 'Manage Learner Report.'


  • Once the account is successfully created, the learner will receive an automatic welcome email from Voxy, with instructions to login for the first time. During the first login, the learner will be prompted to set a password.


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