2018 Release Notes

March 2018


White-Label Go Page
We now have a fully functional white-label go page. This will enable partners who do not want to use the API to enable learners to login to a branded page with their Voxy accounts.
Offline Access on Android
Learners can now download lessons on their Android devices for offline access. A guide on how to download lessons for offline access can be found in the Support Center.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug in which Command Center users were experiencing a different set of data and information when selecting preset date range versus using the same date range on the custom selector view. Both will now show consistent information. 
  • We fixed a bug in the Command Center in which an extra column called 'Row' was generated when exporting a CSV or Excel file.
  • We fixed a bug in which Voxy speaking assessment recordings were not being uploaded properly.


February 2018


Pronunciation Practice
You can now practice your pronunciation with any of the words in your Word Bank! Voxy’s technology will analyze your pronunciation of the words and provide you with detailed feedback on which parts of the words you might be mispronouncing and compare your recording to that of a native English speaker.

Easily locate reserved Group Classes
All of your upcoming group classes can now easily be found at the top of the Group Classes page under a dedicated 'Reserved' section. Now you don't have to worry about being late to class or missing it altogether!


January 2018


Filtering Real Media by Level
You will now have the ability to find exactly what lessons you are looking for in Real Media! With our level filter, you can choose to find content for a specific level, or you can choose from a range of levels. What's more, this filter can be combined with other filters and search results.
Joining Group Classes without a page refresh
Have you ever missed a group class because you forgot to refresh the page to see the join button? Well not anymore! You can now see when your group classes are available for you to join, without the need of refreshing the page! Just visit your Group Classes page and you will automatically see the Join Now button before your class starts.
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