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What do I do when I finish my units?


When you finish a unit, keep going! You can choose a new unit or continue with new lessons in the same unit. In your course, you can complete as many units as you want. The more units and lessons you complete, the more you'll improve.

After you finish your unit, you have two options. You can continue with that same topic if you're interested, or you can choose new units. If you choose to continue with your current unit, you will see different lessons in the unit. Your units are updated daily so you can keep practicing and you will always see something new and current. So practice with a specific unit for as long as you'd like!

If you'd like a change, visit the Catalog to select new units. You can have three primary units active at any time.

To see all your completed units and your unit test scores, visit your unit history in the Performance page

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