I am a beginner. Can I still use Voxy?

Yes! Voxy works for beginners, too. Here's how we support you:

- Lessons are made from pictures, Tweets, simple news articles, and conversations.

- A Beginner's Guide explains the basics of English grammar to help you get started.

- Voxy tutors are trained to work with beginners, so don't be afraid to join a group or private session.

- We have special units for beginners. Start with the unit "Beginner 1: Introductions". This unit has 17 lessons that you must complete in sequence. It is designed to give you structure and practice in grammar and vocabulary for beginners. To activate the first Beginner Unit, and continue from Beginner 2 to Beginner 11, visit the unit catalog.

Please take the Voxy Proficiency Assessment to make sure that your course is set to the right level. If you still have questions about your level, contact a Voxy Coach for help!

Watch this video with special tips for beginners, just like you:


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