Group Session Code of Conduct

Group sessions are a great way to meet new people and practice your English. We have a few guidelines to make sure the sessions are enjoyable and helpful for everyone.

Group Session Code of Conduct

  • As a learner participating in Voxy’s group tutoring sessions, you agree to be respectful of the tutor and your fellow learners by following this code of conduct:
  • You arrive to the session on time and stay for the entirety of the session.
  • You mute yourself when you’re not speaking so background noise doesn’t interrupt the session.
  • If another learner or the tutor is speaking, you allow him/her to finish before speaking.
  • You allow others to have equal opportunity to speak in the session.
  • You do not use language that makes others uncomfortable, i.e. profane, sexually suggestive, rude or violent language.
  • You do not make disrespectful comments about race, religions or countries.
  • You wear appropriate attire in the session, i.e. a shirt, pants or other appropriate clothing.
  • Your cell phone is turned off or set to vibrate so you and your fellow participants are not distracted during the session.
  • The classroom is a place to learn and practice English, so please use English as much as possible during sessions for both speaking and writing.
  • The Voxy methodology is for adults, and our group sessions are aimed at students 13 and older. To reaffirm: Group sessions are not for minors. We strongly recommend voicing any questions or concerns to

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