Troubleshooting tips for your tutoring session

If you're having trouble with your tutoring session, these tips may help you solve the issue. 

Do you have the plugin?

The first time that you attend a private or group tutoring session, you may be asked to download a plugin. This plugin allows your computer to run our live video tutoring sessions. Installing the plugin is easy. 

You computer may also require you to allow a popup window in order to view the session. 

Did you turn on the session video and audio?

When you click to join, you will see a window that asks you to allow your audio and video to connect. Click on the first option “Send and Receive” then click “Join”. If you don't click this, you won't hear anything! 

Did you check your computer audio?

In order to have the best tutoring session experience, make sure that the microphone and audio outputs on your computer are set up correctly. We recommend using a headset so that your tutor and classmates can hear you clearly. 

Tip: Make sure you are in a quiet space. Background noise (even from an air conditioner or vent) will cause buzzing sounds and can be distracting. 

Is your browser blocking popups?

A popup blocker can prevent your tutoring session window from opening. Check your browser settings and make sure to allow popups.

Mute yourself for best audio

The best way to hear your tutor and classmates is to mute yourself in the tutoring session window. When you want to unmute yourself, simply press the space bar. This will eliminate background noise and echos. But don't get too comfortable with the mute button either. The best way to learn a language is by speaking!

Troubleshooting Resources

If you can't hear anything during your session, visit these other troubleshooting sites:



Are you on a desktop or a laptop computer?

Remember, Voxy tutoring sessions are not available on iPhone, Android, or tablets, yet!

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