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How do we determine your Study Time?


The Study Time section of the Performance page shows you how you're spending your time in Voxy. You can use the date filters to see how much time you've spent doing the following:

Here are some other important things to know:

  • Your teacher must mark that you attended in order for the time you spent in a live instruction class to appear in your Study Time. It can take up to 24 hours after your class is complete for this to update.
  • Anything else you do in Voxy that is not specified above, like simply viewing a page or logging into Voxy, does not get included in your Study Time.
  • Even if you were doing something that is specified above, like browsing the Grammar Guide, once you go idle for too long, we stop the counter. But we always start the counter back up once you are actively working in those areas again.

Check your Performance page to see how you're progressing!

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