What is a unit?

Each unit is a series of lessons that is continuously updated with fresh new content related to specific theme. There are a few pop quizzes in between lessons, so pay attention! At the end of the unit there's an achievement test. You can see your units directly on the guide page. You can have three units active at the same time, but you can complete as many units as you want in your course.

How do I choose units?
When you first start your course, your units are chosen based on your interests and goals. You learn best when you practice with material that is interesting and releveant to your life! If you ever want to choose other units, visit the Unit Catalog and browse all the options. You can have up to three units at any time.

Why does the unit repeat?
If you only have one unit, it will stay active when you complete it. It may look like it is 'repeating' because it stays in your side bar, but it is continuously updated and contains new lessons daily -- the unit is "new" every time you take it -- you'll never see the same lesson twice! If the unit interests you, there's no need to stop practicing.

How many units must I do?
In order to improve we recommend doing between 6 and 13 lessons a week in combination with time spent in your Word Bank, Grammar Guide and Tutoring. You can continue with one, or you can do many different units. Your course is flexible, to help you meet your own specific goals. If you need some guidance about how to use your study time, check your Study Plan.

Which units are right for my level?
The Beginner English unit is designed for beginners and the Practice my English test, and Finance units are generally more advanced. However, most all the units will adapt to your level. So the best way to study is to choose units that are interesting to you - your course will automatically adjust to your level.

A pro tip:
Voxy's group tutoring sessions focus on topics that match the units we have. Visit the Tutor Center and look for an upcoming session that's related to one of the units you're currently taking lessons from. You'll enjoy the session more and have great ideas to contribute!


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