How do I attend a group tutoring session?

Group tutoring sessions are a great way to practice speaking and listening. Our native English-speaking tutors will help you improve your fluency and accuracy, and you will make friends from all around the world! Follow these steps to reserve a seat in a group session:

In the sidebar click Tutoring, then Group Sessions.

Here you will see sessions that are appropriate for your level. You can also see sessions just above and below your level, in case you want an extra challenge or need to take it easy. You are welcome to attend any of these sessions.

You can also see the date and time of each session. Choose the session you want to attend and click the ‘Reserve a seat’ button. Once you have reserved a seat, the session will move to the top of your page, and the button will read ‘Reserved!’. When it’s time to start the session, a ‘Join Now’ button will appear. Simply click this button to attend!

The first time that you attend a private or group tutoring session, you will be asked to download a plugin. This plugin allows your computer to run our live video tutoring software. Simply follow the steps that appear on your screen to download it.

When you click to join, you may see a window that asks you to allow your audio and video to connect. Click on the first option “Send and Receive” then click “Join Now” and you’re in! Remember that space is limited, so be sure to arrive on time.


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