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How do I participate in Voxy Live Instruction?


Your Voxy course provides live private and group classes to improve your speaking, pronunciation, and conversation skills.

Private Classes
You can schedule 1:1 classes with any teacher you choose. Your personal classes can focus on any topic or skill you like, for example, pronunciation, grammar, or interview skills. Your teacher can see your recent lessons, so they are prepared to help you in any areas that need extra attention. We recommend having a live class at least once every week. To see how to schedule a private class, click here. To see how to attend a private class, click here.

Group Classes
If you want more speaking practice, you can also join one of our group classes. Every day you can choose from a wide variety of group classes. Led by one of our certified, native English-speaking teachers, each class is focused on a new topic and has up to nine other learners. For instructions on joining a group class, click here.

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