What is the Voxy Partner API?

The Voxy Partner API makes it easy to integrate your systems with Voxy to provide a seamless user experience for both your learners and your organization's administrators. It enable you to easily manage your users, view performance and engagement data and build custom reports.

With the Voxy Partner API, you can access API endpoints designed to help you manage your Voxy users and retrieve data about your learners, feature groups and custom segments. Here are examples of some of the ways you can use the Partner API:

  • Register new users with Voxy
  • Enable Single-Sign On so learners don’t need a new password
  • Manage user access
  • Retrieve learner progress and performance data
  • Retrieve learner assessment data
  • Retrieve group class attendance data
  • Tag your learners with custom segments to use as report filters

Contact your Customer Success Manager to define what tasks are required for your organization’s implementation.

Example: The Voxy Partner API has the following endpoint: https://partners/users/{external_user_id}. If you make a HTTP GET request to that endpoint, you can retrieve the user’s profile information. If you make a HTTP POST request to that endpoint with the minimum parameters, you can register a new user.

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