2017 Release Notes

December 2017:
We updated our 'Real Media' section within the product! On the lesson cards, you will see some new information to provide you with more insight into the content! Changes include:
- a media type icon to help identify which media the resource contains
- published date so you know when the lesson was created
- and level- so you can choose to challenge yourself!
Bug Fixes:
We fixed an issue where learners were seeing a blank page at the end of our achievement test, not providing them with the score they received.
Within the Performance Overview page, our activity information widget was displaying the total number of activities completed instead of the activities for a selected date range.
November 2017:
- In an effort to offer our learners with a centralized place to browse and access all content, the catalog now includes units, courses and real media, and will act as the central hub where all content can be engaged with. Within the new Real Media section of the catalog, our learners are now able to filter by media type and search for resources. On each resource card, learners will now see the resource level to help them find more level appropriate content.
Bug Fixes:
- We addressed an issue where completed Achievement Tests were not not being displayed in the product for learners. We retroactively set all completion dates for all learners experiencing the issue.
- We released a variety of mobile app fixes. Overall, learners should experience a significant usability boost and decrease in the number of crashes within a session. Learners should also see improvements within the application's interface. We addressed a number of issues where images were missing, text was unreadable, buttons were off center etc.
October 2017:
- We released our new Catalog! One of the first things you will notice when you login is a new navigation bar designed to help you better access learning materials and content. We have also dedicated an entire portion of the catalog to provide you with content that is always based on the most current events, and of course personalized to your level and interests. To help you better decide which courses and units you want to enroll in, you will see that course and unit information will be better highlighted across the catalog to help you understand exactly what outcomes and content you can expect when enrolling in a course or a unit.
- We updated our Product Subscription and Live Instruction credit pricing. 
- You will now see the ability to filter activities and skill score progress on the performance page by date to gain more insights!
- You can now restart any practice lessons in iOS and Android from where you left off.
Bug Fixes:
- We addressed a bug where learners in certain time zones were reserving sessions for the wrong day. This has been fixed and all sessions are now booking for the date selected. 
September 2017:
- For partners who utilize our partner API, we added a new endpoint that allows partners to gather data around the number of activities learners have completed between a specified date range.
- We have been working on a new, exciting feature! More information to come soon!
Bug Fixes:
- We addressed a bug where learners who have access to the achievement test, were experiencing duplicated answers in the test.
- Earlier in the month, we fixed a bug related to a Chrome update that was causing compatibility issues with the product.


August 2017


- This month, we introduced an exciting new feature, Flex Courses. Flex Courses enable learners to engage with courses in a whole new way! With Voxy's new Flex Courses, learners will have the flexibility to choose whichever order they want to complete their units in. For example, in the Voxy "Intermediate English" Course, learners will now be able to skip ahead to the "World News" unit if that is more relevant to their current needs and interests. Please note, the Flex Course configuration does not apply to all of Voxy's units. Based on recommendations by our Pedagogy team, you will still see some courses, such as the "Beginner English" Course, still needs to be completed in a specific order.

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed a bug that was impacting the activation of some units within the product. Specifically, this was causing users to not be able to activate specific units, due to a timeout issue they were experiencing. All timeout related issues have been addressed.


July 2017


- We implemented a feature enhancement to the printable proficiency certificate generated in the product. For organizations that do not enable their users to edit their account information within the product, we will not enable learners to edit their name that appears on the certificate. For partners who do enable their learners to edit their own account information, we will continue to support learners in editing their name that is displayed on the certificate.

- The Study Time widget in the learner's Performance page will now hide any components of the product the learner does not have access to. This is to ensure that learners only see time they spend in features they have access to.

 Bug Fixes:

- We fixed a bug where partners were not able to retrieve some user assessment data via the GET assessment data request.

- We updated the GET /partners/users/{external_user_id}/time_on_task endpoint in the API to include time learners spend consuming a resource. This now matches with how the product collects and displays time on task information.

- For learners who have access to Private Sessions within the platform, they were running into a bug where selecting a session length of anything other than 30 minutes was not updating in the learner’s view.


June 2017
- Learners who use the standalone Proficiency Assessment feature as well as the full platform, will now the ability to print certificates after they have taken the Proficiency Assessment. These certificates can be printed at any time and will be branded with your organization's logos (if applicable).
Whenever learners need a certificate, they can visit the performance page in their account and print the certificate. Certificates will contain their name, the date, their current proficiency level as well as the amount of time they have spent within the platform.
- We made some minor updates to the Private Session learner facing page. Learners will now see the number of credits needed for a session clearly displayed in the product. Learners will also see the live instructor images and bios redesigned.
Bug Fixes:
- Partner API returned 500 error when making a PUT request to register a learner within a group where feature_group_id did not exist.
- When connecting to Bluejeans, learners were getting redirected to a blank page due to changes in BlueJeans. The temporary fix opens BlueJeans in a different tab.
- Mobile bug fixes and performance enhancements to reduce crashing and improve the learner experience when a lesson cannot be loaded due to connectivity issues.


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