Mobile Authentication Process

The Voxy Partner API allows developers at our partner organizations to communicate with the Voxy system and request that it do things.  For example, you can use the API to request that Voxy create a new user on your behalf, or change some of a user's profile information. You can also ask that we return information, such as the unit performance for a learner.


To get started, you will need to build and send the API endpoint URL in order for us to enter the information into our system to enable the communication. This will need to be done in our staging environment before we can test in our production environment.


As you develop in staging, please be sure that you are using your correct API key and secret. Once you develop the endpoint, send the information to your account manager and we will test it. If it is confirmed that it works in staging, we will have you follow the same process for our production environment.


To do the testing, we will need the following:

  1. A learner email and password that was created using our API
  2. Your API key and secret
  3. The URL generated from your integration
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