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This API endpoint allows you to create Voxy users and associate them with their organization. Register a new user by making a POST request to /partners/users/{external_user_id} where external_user_id is a unique ID defined by you to refer to this user when interacting with the Voxy Partner API. All requests involving this user will use this external_user_id. We recommend that this ID be something similar to a student registration number.


  1. New users will automatically be placed in the organization's "Default" group.
  2. If the user already exists as a DTC user, they will be moved into the organization.
  3. If the user already exists in the org, but in another group, they will remain in their previous group, but they will now have a partner user id, which is necessary to access this user via the API, for things like SSO.
  4. If the user already exists in another organization, the request will fail. You are NOT permitted to remove a user from an existing org. and move them into their org.
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