Custom Hosted Domains

When your organization decides to utilize our white labeling services, this allows you to have access to Voxy through a completely personalized and customized branded experience.

To start, we will ask that you choose to host the website on a registered custom domain of your choice. Basically, this will make the Voxy site appear underneath your organization's website URL so your learners experience our language learning platform with your branded information.

What is a domain and URL?

There are some differences between a URL and a domain. A domain is the actual name of your website ( The URL is the address where the page is actually found on the internet. You should decide the URL where the Voxy web application will appear. Please note, we will need two different URLs for our two different courses.

To certify and display your URL, you will need a CNAME record which will allow the URL to be hosted on the internet. This will connect your URL to your company’s primary website by telling the domain to display the pages you have in your domain.

How do I register a domain?

There are a number of domain name registrars that will allow you to quickly register your domain. Each registrar is different but registering your domain can cost anywhere from $9.99 to $20.00 per year.

How to add a CNAME to your registered domain?

Based on the provide you choose to register your domain with, they will have the appropriate documentation to walk you through the setup process. Once you have the CNAME, you should create a CNAME record that points from your domain to a Voxy domain that will correspond to the organization.

  1. For example, your devops team should create a CNAME record for that points to
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