White Labeling Overview and Implementation Checklist

White labeling is a Voxy experience where the Voxy brand is completely removed from both the web and mobile apps to make the product look like your own.


White labeling usually includes:

  1. Removal of any copy that mentions the word Voxy, including changing the Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®) to be called the Proficiency Assessment (PA).
  2. Customizing brand fonts and colors in the web and mobile applications.
  3. Building and deploying custom mobile applications that feature your branding and custom links to the FAQ page, Terms and Conditions and more.
  4. Hosting the platform on a custom domain (i.e. making the Voxy site appear underneath your organization's website url).
  5. White labeling emails, which includes rebranding email templates with your organization information and sending emails from your an email address that reflects your organization (i.e. @{organization_name}.com).
  6. You will also want to enable Single Sign-On (SSO).

For more detailed information including an implementation timeline, please see following checklist (in English).

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