Is there a recommended minimum usage for my learners?

Voxy conducts  extensive research to continuously learn about how learner engagement is linked to proficiency improvement.


Each learner receives a study plan according to their level when they start their journey with Voxy. While Voxy has a standard recommended usage depending on the level of your learners, we know that each organization is unique and we will provide tailored recommended usage based on your needs. The main areas of focus for the recommended usage will be:


Practice Time
The amount of practice time required to improve is different depending on your starting level and individual needs. To achieve success and improve your proficiency score, we recommend learners spend at least 1 to 3 hours practicing every week.  

The main areas of practice are:


Unit Lessons: Improve communication skills related to your specific goals and interests.

Practice Lessons: Build your confidence around real-world topics and stay updated on the current events that interest you.

Word Bank: Strengthen your vocabulary and master more words.

Grammar Guide: Practice grammar topics that we assign to you based on your level.


Live Instruction

Group Classes: Practice listening and speaking, and meet new learners.

Private Classes: Get laser-focused practice on whatever topic you choose.

Private classes require credits. You can purchase private class credits on behalf of your learners. Group classes are free with all courses.


Voxy Proficiency Assessment VPA®

The Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®) is an objective and reliable online test that evaluates a test taker’s current English proficiency level and can be used as a benchmarking tool. We recommend that learners take the VPA® at the start of their Voxy experience, and then every 90 days thereafter to measure their progress.

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