What components of the platform will Voxy configure?

Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®)

The Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®) can be optional or mandatory. By requiring learners to take the VPA® at the beginning of their Voxy experience, we can ensure that we measure an accurate initial proficiency level. After the initial VPA®, learners will have access to subsequent optional VPA®s that allow them to track their progress.

Voxy recommends that learners take the VPA® every 90 days, since this is often the point at which an increase in proficiency occurs and this timing coincides with the quarterly business reviews with your Customer Success Manager. The interval between VPA®s can be modified to reflect your pedagogy processes and needs.

You can indicate a date when the next VPA® will be made available for all learners. This can be useful for organizations that have specific timelines, as well as for schools and universities working on semester or quarterly schedules.


Auto-Assigned Units and Courses

We have the ability to automatically assign specific units and courses to your learners, and place them on a sequenced learning path based on their levels.

For example: we can guarantee that all Beginner and High Beginner learners are automatically enrolled in the Beginner Course. Please talk to your Onboarding manager if you have any requirements that you would like to apply for your learners.


Content Filtering

Culturally Appropriate Content:

A filter can be applied for organizations that adhere to specific cultural norms. This filter will remove content from the Voxy platform that may be considered inappropriate for these learners.

Appropriate Content for Kids and Teens:

We have two additional filters that can be applied to your program if your learners include kids or teenagers. The filter will ensure that content on the platform is appropriate for these age groups. Voxy is not appropriate for learners 12 years old and younger.


Add-On Products

An oral proficiency test, or speaking portion, can be added to the Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®). The oral proficiency test allows learners to be tested on their speaking abilities, and graders at Voxy review submitted responses within 72 hours.

The Standalone VPA® is a limited version of our platform that provides access to the Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®) only. This option assesses learners' proficiency without opening access to the rest of the Voxy platform.



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