What is the Voxy implementation journey?

Our goal is to enable your success with Voxy. Whatever your desired outcome may be, we're ready to support you. The journey is divided into three phases:



During the onboarding process, the Voxy team will conduct a kickoff meeting, which covers the necessary steps to get the Voxy program launched. There are some key decisions that need to be made, such as:

  1. What usage model will you implement? For example, will Voxy be a requirement for your learners?
  2. Learner usage criteria. Our team will design a recommended usage guide with minimum usage criteria to help you and your learners reach your goals.
  3. Enrollment method. Our team will help you choose one of the three enrollment methods at Voxy: pre-enrollment, redemption code or the API.
  4. Platform configuration. Our team will work closely with you to configure the platform according to your requirements and experience.

A final training session is conducted before launch to get the entire team on board with the program.



Once the onboarding phase is complete and the program is launched, learners start enrolling and using the platform, and the Customer Success Manager becomes your primary contact.


Customer Success

Now it's time to measure results, report on learner performance and engagement and make potential adjustments to the program based on the initial goals. Your Customer Success Manager conducts quarterly business reviews and provides ongoing support.

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