Single Sign-On (SSO)

Register a new user by making a POST request to /partners/users/{external_user_id} where external_user_id is a unique ID defined by you to refer to this user when interacting with the Voxy Partner API. All requests involving this user will use this external_user_id. We recommend that this ID be something similar to a student registration number.


email_address, first_name, and native_language are also required fields. You can optionally set important parameters like expiration_datewhen you create the user, or you can update user information later.


Registering an existing Voxy user

If you register a new user with an email address that already exists in Voxy, your external_user_id will be associated with the existing Voxy user, including any existing data. The request may be denied if the user already belongs to another organization. If you encounter this issue, contact your Voxy Account Manager for assistance.


Adding to an already existing feature group

If you pass the 'feature_group_id' parameter, the user will be automatically added to that feature_group.


For more information, access our detailed user guide:

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