Listing Feature Groups

GET /partners/feature_groups/

A "feature_group" is the group within an organization and its specific feature configuration. For example, the feature group will specify whether or not users in this group have access to tutoring. The endpoint will return the following data:

  1. The ID of the group.
  2. Name of the group.
  3. The list of feature configurations for the group.
  4. The entire list of users that belong to the feature_group. The list will return the email address and external_user_id (if applicable) for each user.
  5. NOTE: You cannot currently change a feature group's configuration. That is the responsibility of the account manager to do via STAK.

Tip: This is a great way to get a list of all learners in an organization when the query to retrieve all learners in an org is too large to complete.

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