Updating User Profile Information

At anytime, you can update a user’s profile information including their expiration date, tutoring credits, level etc.


The required field in this request is the current external_user_id for the learner. If you want to change the external_user_id, you will need to input the current id and the new id in the new_external_user_id field.


PUT /partners/users/{external_user_id}/

You can edit any one of the following attributes:

  1. First name: This will update the learners first name.
  2. Level: This will change the learners level within the platform. NOTE: learners will experience a change in content difficulty if this is done.
  3. Email: This will change the learners email address
  4. Native language: This will change the learners native language. If the learner is in an applicable level, the learner will see a change in the platform to their native language.
  5. Expiration date: This will change the learners expiration date to shorten or lengthen their access to the platform.

Note: In order to revoke access from a user, you should set this expiration date to today's date.


  1. date_of_next_vpa: This will change the date the learner is able to access the VPA®.
  2. phone number: This will update the learner’s phone number.
  3. can_reserve_group_sessions (true/false): This will edit whether or not the learner is able to reserve group sessions (live instruction). If the value is set to false, learners will not see the option to reserve sessions within the platform.


For more information, access our detailed user guide (in English):

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