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As part of our white labeling process, we require that your organization purchase an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are strongly encouraged when creating a website domain where users information will be stored and processed. By purchasing an SSL certificate, this ensures that all data communicated within your platform is protected and secured.

What exactly is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small data file that is used to secure sensitive information such as a user's credit card information, account details, login information and data transfer. These files are installed on your web service to allow secure connections from a server to your browser. Once the SSL certificate is installed, you will know if your website is secured because typically, those sites that are secure have a lock icon that appears in the top left corner of the browser. You will also see the application protocol changed to HTTPs where the ‘s’ stands for secure.


What are the different SSL certificate options I can purchase?

There are a few different SSL certificate options you can purchase based on your needs. Voxy recommends that your purchase one of the following:

Widecard SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL Certificate can be purchased to secure a domain and an unlimited amount of sub-domains. For example, if you will have your domain and also a domain for,, etc., we recommend you purchase a Wildcard SSL certificate to secure both the domain and all of its accompanying sub-domains.

A single domain SSL protects a single domain. Note, that if you purchase a single domain SSL, it will not protect any of its sub-domains. From our example above, the single domain SSL would only protect and would not protect its sub-domains ( or

What is the cost of an SSL certificate?

Based on your SSL certificate type, prices can range from $55.00- $300.00 usd/per year. You can find different price options through different SSL vendors. Voxy does not require that your purchase from any specific vendor.

Where do I buy an SSL certificate?

Any SSL certificate you purchase must be issued from a Certificate Authority. Certificate Authorities, are trusted entities that issue certificates which are then used to verify a domains identity on the Internet. Please ensure that you purchase your SSL certificate from a trusted authority to ensure the highest protection and quality.

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