App Store Descriptions

For white-labeled organizations, we develop branded mobile applications to enable your learners to engage with your product anytime on the go!


As part of the process, we create two versions of the mobile apps to ensure learners with both iOS and Android devices can access the applications. Learners can download the mobile apps directly from the app store at any time.


Both iOS and Android app stores enable you to provide custom app descriptions that describes the product and experience your learners can expect. Each app store has its own process and information that it requires.


For both apps, we ask that you put together a description that adheres to the app store requirements. This includes:



App Title (30 characters)

Short Description (80 characters)

Long Description (4000 characters)



App Name (255 characters)

Description (4000 characters)

Keywords, i.e. list of keywords for when users search for your app in the app store (100 characters)

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