What does the white-label process look like? Are there any requirements?


  1. Logo

The logo must be at least 250 x 250 pixels in one of the following formats: .png .jpeg or .pdf.

  1. Colors

Primary and secondary colors will be applied to boxes, text and additional areas. You can specify a primary color and a secondary color to maintain consistency with your brand.

  1. Orientation Video

We are able to incorporate your own orientation video for your learners. You will need to provide Voxy with the video file, which will be uploaded to your organization. The video should be short, about 2-3 minutes, and will be presented to students when they log in for the first time.

  1. Proficiency Levels

In order to add your proficiency levels to the platform, the partner should provide a direct mapping of their levels to the CEFR levels. Voxy's Pedagogy team will then be able to create a new proficiency scale for your organization which will impact the learner experience in the platform.

  1. Support & FAQ Page

Your organization is responsible for learner support to maintain your brand requirements. We recommend that you create an FAQ page under your domain to serve learners. A template will be provided as an example.



  1. Hosting URL

The URL is the address where the web page is found on the internet. You should decide the URL where the Voxy web application will appear. This will make the Voxy:registered: site appear underneath your organization's website URL so your learners experience the Voxy language learning platform with your branding.

  1. iTunes and Android Accounts and Mobile App

Our development team will work to develop, test and release mobile applications for iOS and Android with your branding. This includes setting up all necessary information in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. By submitting your application to these stores, your branded mobile app will be available to learners who use any iOS or Android device. Each application must have its own initial account setup. The processes to apply to each store are different and require different information. We ask that you set up the initial account because Apple and Google require specific business information from you that we do not have.

  1. API Integration

The Voxy Partner API allows developers at your organization to communicate with the Voxy system. For example, you can use the API to create a new user or update users' profile information. You can also ask us to return information, such as the unit performance for a user. Click here to see our complete technical API documentation.

  1. Mobile API

All learners will be able to access and download the branded mobile application for free in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Only learners with active accounts will be able to log in to the platform. See attachment to review our technical guide and implementation steps.

  1. SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a small data file that is used to secure sensitive information such as a user's credit card information, account details, login information and data transfer. These files are installed on your web service to allow secure connections from a server to your browser. Once the SSL certificate is installed, you will know your website is secure if a lock icon appears in the upper lefthand corner of the browser. You will also see the application protocol changed to https where the “s” stands for secure. As part of our white label process, we require that your organization purchase an SSL certificate.

  1. CNAME Redirect

The CNAME redirect acts as an alias that allows a specified URL (your organization’s URL) to direct to Voxy. By using a CNAME, we can ensure that your learners will be able to see your organization's URL on their browsers instead of seeing voxy.com.

  1. Custom URLs

We have the ability to establish custom URLs in different areas. For example: After your learners log out of the platform, you can select the custom URL for the landing page you would like to redirect them to.

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